Reply All

Sometimes an ice pick is slotted into my eye scraped back and forth and then I am become mute, all that I am severed to stillness. It is impossible to hit reply all on the words that have hurt me and the people wielding their ice picks, lobotomizing me apart   I love the drip-drop … Continue reading Reply All


Snow Queen

It had to be done with an icicle, the first of the new snow. She clothed her hands in sealskin, rubbed them down with fat, and stuck them in the snow until they grew numb. Then, sufficiently cold, she broke off the swollen ice, breath misty in the chill sweet morning and secretted it away. … Continue reading Snow Queen


Prompt: Last Night I Dreamed Of Donuts Again “Last night I dreamed of doughnuts again.” Private Witz said. “What this time? Cherry filled or covered in chocolate?” Donovan asked. “Neither. They were Long Johns.” Donovan snorted into the barrel of the gun he was cleaning. “Real mature, Don.” Witz rolled over on his bunk, curling … Continue reading Donuts